Our Approach

World Database Solutions provides a suite of services for Databases that enable your organization to quickly and efficiently leverage the Database technology. An Solutions Expert will work directly with your organization's systems, network, database, developer, and/or support personnel, as required, during these service engagements and provide  real world hands on experience and skills transfer during these engagements. The World Database Solutions service engagements are customized to your organizations requirements.

Our Story

World Database Solutions is a highly focused, independent data management services provider. Renowned in the industry for our levels of database expertise.

For over 17 years we provide quality services to our clients by installing, upgrading, migrating and administering database software in various environments such as AIX, Unix, Solaris, Windows, Linux.

We have developed distinct database services, available separately or in conjunction, offering our customers flexibility in meeting their unique needs. Our structured approach facilitates an optimized database environment that minimizes disruption to normal business operations.