How does WDS Work?

World Database Solutions allocates DBAs to customers as shared resources based on the services purchased. Customers can purchase a partial DBA, a full-time DBA or a team of DBAs based on their contract size. Customers purchase either blocks of hours or negotiate a price on a fixed contract. WDS is able to provide supplemental services, where we assist their internal DBA staff or assume total control of the customer’s database environment. Primary and secondary DBAs are assigned to the customer and are required to completely document the customer’s environments. WDS provides monitoring installation, problem prevention and quick problem resolution.


How much does WDS Cost?

The costs for our services are tailored to your individual needs. WDS offers customizable service level agreements to all of its customers in order to ensure that all customers only pay for the services they want or need. To figure out which of our services offerings are right for your business, contact us today: (954) 901-1911.


Why use WDS? What are the advantages of WDS?

When you select WDS as your database administration service provider, your organization can leverage the knowledge and skills of an entire DBA team for a low monthly fee. Our customers experience many benefits including:

  • Dedicated DBAs assigned to each account
  • 17+Years of Combined DBA Experience
  • Best practices leveraged across the customer base
  • Faster Problem Resolution and Response Times
  • Personalized monitoring and notification and escalation procedure
  • Customizable SLAs

WDS can serve as your full-time resource or supplement your in-house support. Our flexible service offerings allow your organization to choose the services that best fit your business’ needs.


Why is WDS more cost effective than in-house resources?

The customer is not purchasing the expertise of a single individual. They are purchasing the combined expertise of expert DBA professionals. WDS has architected an entire support engine that consists of products, procedures and best practices. The support engine has been refined over the last 17 years with one single objective – to provide world-class database and O/S monitoring and support. The database ecosystem (hardware, O/S, database) has become so complex that a single DBA can’t be expected to be an expert in all facets. WDS has dedicated subject matter experts in database and SQL statement tuning, highly available architectures, security and auditing and advanced database features. WDS deploys the right expert for the right task. This ensures the customer always gets the “best of breed” DBA for complex work requests. In addition, WDS has an entire staff of expert technicians that focus on 24x7x365 monitoring, problem prevention and quick problem resolution. The team utilizes a problem repository and utilizes detailed problem resolution checklists to ensure problems are resolved quickly and efficiently.